They really came through!

In the spring of 2011, I lost a great paying job after 38 years making it impossible to afford my home any longer. A friend recommended Barry, and Rod, of Short Sale Specialists, to help me with a short sale. After meeting them, something told me to let go and put all my trust and faith in them. After making that decision the anxiety was gone! I let them do their job and boy did they come through! At relatively no effort and no cost to me they came through and closed the deal. Not only did the property get sold in time, but also the final short sale approval letter included a full release for my wife and me from liability on the deficiency.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants this stress out of their life. Best of all I made some new friends!

Jim and Marci C, St. Louis area, MO April, 2012


If I had to come up with one word to describe the service we received from Short Sale Specialists it would be WOW.

My elderly mother was faced with the daunting task of selling her longtime home in a deteriorating neighborhood. Barry and his team took the fear and uncertainty out of the process and handled the situation with the utmost care and concern. They were able to negotiate the short sale and the release from any deficiency.

Short Sale Specialists handled everything for us and gave us comfort. They made the process as pleasant as possible and put my Mom's concerns to rest. With their help she was able to get resolution quickly.

We would highly recommend them to friends and family. They really do "help people sleep again".

Sandy M [Daughter] and Jackie F [Mother]  August, 2012

Very Pleased

 "After a difficult experience with another brokerage company, I was referred to Barry Russell's team to handle the brokerage and negotiation of my short sale. Metro's team member,  Chuck Lytton of Chuck Lytton & Associates/Realty-24 did a superior job in getting the property sold at more than the list price. Metro's negotiating team was able to coordinate approval from two difficult lenders, including a complete release for me from any deficiency on the unpaid loan balances. After a long period of uncertainty, I am very pleased with the results.

Also, I would like to add that I am a real estate broker in both Missouri and Illinois with an award winning background primarily during the 1980's. Even with all this real estate experience, I felt that I didn't have the experience in the short sale arena, so I reached out for help. I was very lucky to end up with Barry Russell's Short Sale Specialist team and Chuck Lytton & Associates/Realty 24. Everyone needs help at different times of their lives.  If you are in need of help as I was, CALL Barry Russell's team for that help. THEY WILL GET THE JOB DONE!"

Edward G., St. Louis, MO  October 26, 2011

Most Impressed

"When my Father suddenly passed on, I was left to deal with a mostly finished house that was being remodeled. The value unfortunately was below the loan amount and a large outstanding trade bill. I engaged the short sale team led by Barry Russell and Chuck Lytton, and was most impressed with their team's evaluation, pricing, negotiation with the lender, and general good service through to the culmination of the whole short sale process. They even negotiated a satisfactory release with the trade lien holder. The completion of this process was both timely and a big burden off our minds."

Garth P, Tucson, AZ - October 10, 2011

I Can Breathe Again

"I can breathe again! Barry Russell's short sale team came to my rescue after my finding them through a referral. I had found a foreclosure notice on my front door. They took over, at the last minute, in a professional and capable manner, guiding me quickly through the paperwork and process.  They successfully first got the lender to cancel the foreclosure, and then proceeded to arrange a successful short short sale with the help of a local Realtor [who they had screened], which resulted in no deficiency to me at closing. That was a huge relief! "

 W.S.M., San Bernardino County, CA February 3, 2009

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